How To Attach The Belt On A Blue Marine Dress Blue Belt Assembly

The elaborate Marine Corps dress uniform, the “dress blues,” represents the image of Marines that the world sees and is used in the majority of recruiting advertisements. The most common of the dress uniforms, there are specific regulations for its wear. This means that a Marine must put together every part of the uniform to meet a specific standard. Most of the uniform is self-explanatory, consisting of a long-sleeved coat, shirt, trousers, barracks cover, socks and shoes. The belt for the uniform, however, comes in kit form and requires a specific process of assembly.

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Take one of the “keepers,” the oblong metal loops, and slide it about 6 inches onto the right side of the web belt. Fold the belt over the piece towards the left. This fold will be on the inside of the belt when worn, and this piece will form the buckle end of the belt.

Take the buckle and run the other side of the belt through the buckle loop, with the buckle outside the belt. Slide the folded part of the webbing through the buckle and continue to run the buckle along the belt until you reach the end where the keeper sits. Pull the buckle tightly against the keeper to keep all parts in place.

Take the D-ring, which forms the clip of the belt, and run the free end of the belt through the loop of the ring about 8 inches. The large “D” of the ring should be outside the belt.

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Take the second keeper and slide the free end of the belt through it. Fold the belt over the second keeper so that that end of the belt is just short of the D-ring, with the folded material to the inside of the belt when worn.

Raise the D-ring over the folded area and pull it tightly against the second keeper on the belt end.

Fold the small clasp located on the inside edge of the D-ring against the keeper to secure the D-ring belt clip in place.

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