Does Farrah Abraham Have Any Siblings? Meet Her Sister Ashley!

The girls of Teen Mom OG haven’t always had the best relationships with their respective families. For example, Farrah Abraham‘s strained dynamic with mom Debra Danielsen has been a main plot point on the show for years. But what fans really want to know is: Does Farrah have any siblings? As a matter of fact, she does!

The 26-year-old has a sister named Ashley, though the duo aren’t close. While they both attended their mother’s wedding in November, Ashley revealed in an interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that she rarely speaks to her half-sibling — who has a different dad. “I have a full schedule and I’m assuming she probably does too. Children, work, sports, appointments, school, etc… Life just gets in the way,” she admitted. Scroll down for more info on Farrah’s older sibling!

Ashley is a mother, just like her sister

Even though Ashley’s older, she became a mother after Farrah. Her daughter Sylvia was born in 2012, three years after Sophia, and she welcomed a son named Axl in 2015.

Ashley is Farrah’s half-sister

The duo shares mom Debra, but Ashley still has a relationship with her former stepfather, and Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham. “I hear from Michael here and there,” Ashley told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Not very often, but like everything else, I just think busy schedules get in the way.”

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Farrah once blamed her sister for her DUI

The Teen Mom star exclusively told In Touch back in 2013 that she was driving drunk because of her sister! “It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was out with my sister. I did not plan to drink because I was sick, so I took the role of being in charge and making sure my sister and I would return home together and safely,” she said at the time. “At 10 p.m., I tried to leave, and at that time, my sister was not ready to leave, so I had been sipping on drinks to pass the time.”

Ashley and Farrah appear to still have a complicated relationship

Though the duo came together for their mom’s nuptials, Farrah’s past social media posts indicate that they’re not really in each other’s lives. When Ashley’s second pregnancy was announced, Farrah tweeted, “Congrats Ashley & thanks to media all the best,” implying that she heard about the news online. Ashley also added in her interview, “I don’t get to spend any time with Sophia. I think that’s the part that makes me the saddest. Our family was very close growing up. We were with our cousins almost every day. I think it’s sad that my kids won’t have that relationship with Sophia.”

Ashley hasn’t been on MTV since the early days

Unsurprisingly, she’s yet to make an appearance on Teen Mom OG, only ever appearing on the first incarnation of the franchise, Teen Mom.

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