Did Tom Brady Kiss Patriots Owner on the Lips After Super Bowl Win?

What is it with Tom Brady and kissing people on the mouth after winning the Super Bowl? It’s one thing to kiss your wife, Gisele Bündchen, in front of everyone at the end of the big game, but it’s a totally other thing to kiss the man who owns the sports team that you play for. According to fans on Twitter, though, that’s exactly what the famous quarterback did. Though it’s not clear exactly whether the football star maybe kissed Robert Kraft on the cheek or maybe just ducked their faces close together (and we’re hoping that’s the case), fans are convinced it was a full-blown, on-the-lips smooch. Not a peck — a smooch.

They spotted the moment after Tom, 41, fought his way through a pack of reports to get to Robert, 77, so that they could celebrate the win together. The two hugged and even seemed to eskimo kiss by rubbing their noses together before the moment that may or may not have been a kiss on the lips. We see what everyone is talking about, but it’s hard to confirm or deny exactly what is going. But if you want to be the judge of that, well, about a million fans have shared pictures and videos of the moment on Twitter. Watch the video below to see the footage, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

We gotta say, it definitely looks like they could’ve just kissed. And, honestly, it wouldn’t surprise us. After his 2017 Super Bowl win, Tom also kissed his dad on the lips, and the internet pretty much lost their minds. In his 2018 Facebook Watch documentary series called Tom vs. Time, he also kissed his son on the lips for what Newsweek called a “full three seconds.” You can even check out the cringe-worthy clip yourself since someone shared that on Twitter, too.

But we have to say, whether or not Tom really did mouth-kiss his team’s owner, we’re definitely enjoying the internet’s reaction to it. Like we’ve said before, the best part of the Super Bowl is the memes. So we’ve compiled some of our favorite tweets about the could-be-kiss for your viewing pleasure. Check them out in the gallery.

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