Did Tiffany New York Pollard Have a Baby? She Definitely Wants One

She has babies on the brain! We saw Tiffany Pollard, also known as “New York,” reveal on Famously Single that she hoped to get married and have babies one day — and during an exclusive interview with In Touch, the Scared Famous star revealed that is still, in fact, part of the plan.

“I go back and forth so much with the baby situation because I know that I’m one of those women that once I have my child, I’m going to remain plus size,” Tiffany shared via phone. “It’s okay — I just know I’m not going to drop that weight, but I mean, I am getting to the point where it is going to be worth it, because my biological clock is ticking, and every day I’m reminded of this fact, so I’m just trying to really settle down with someone when the time is right, and I really do want to become a mother. I see myself doing that in the next couple of years, for sure.”

The reality star also shared an update on her current dating life, and we must say, we were somewhat surprised. “I’m still as controlling as I ever was before, so I mean — there are a few guys on my radar, but as far as anyone sticking with me right now, no. I’m just having fun out here in these streets,” she quipped. We hope she finds a good man soon!

We know Tiffany was part of a high-profile romance with rapper Flavor Flav, who she admitted she would still like to hook up with. “You know, I did say earlier this year that I would hook up with him again, but I gotta say, I don’t know if the feeling is mutual, because I’ve been trying to kind of low-key holler at Flav and I haven’t been getting no get back from him,” she revealed. “So, I don’t know. Maybe he’s off to the side doing his own thing or he’s finally taking his marriage seriously. I don’t know what the thing is, but yeah. He’s not trying to get with me no time soon. He’s off the radar.”

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