Did Kylie Jenner Cheat on Tyga With These Rappers? Listen to Their Diss Track, “Kyga (She’s a Liar)”

Just when you thought “$timulated” was going to be the worst, most cringe-worthy song ever written about Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s controversial relationship, two rappers — named Stitches and Inkmonstarrr ** — released a “diss track” alleging the 18-year-old **cheated on her beau, 25, with BOTH of them!

The song, titled “Kyga (She’s A Liar),” boasts some seriously charming lyrics like, “F–k that p–sy ass n—– named Tyga/ If she says she didn’t f–k us she’s a liar/She’s a liar, she’s a liar, she’s a motherf–king liar.”

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As if the song isn’t offensive enough — and, trust us on this one, it is — the featured artist, Inkmonstarr (pictured on the right with Stitches in the photo above), also posted screenshots of private messages he allegedly exchanged with Kylie on Instagram.


But as other outlets note, Inkmonstarr is the same guy who Photoshopped pictures of himself “FaceTiming with Chris Brown.”

The whole thing is starting to feel a little suspicious — like maaaaybe they’re using Kylie to get some attention and none of this actually happened.

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Just an idea…

Check out the video below to hear the song for yourself, but be warned — these lyrics are NSFW and listener discretion is advised!


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