Details on the Cast in 2018

It’s been seven years since Addicted to Food premiered on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, and now fans are wondering — what happened to the eight people who tried to overcome their obsession with food? All of the patients, who had suffered some form of trauma, focused on the underlying emotional problems that caused them to binge eat or purge.

For example, Tinisha Hall-Smith, then-32, was just five feet six inches tall but weighed 265 pounds. She grew up in a home filled with drug addiction and violence and began overeating to comfort herself. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Kovic, then-48, who weighed less than 100 pounds, had a difficult childhood, and started binge eating and purging food when she was just 14.

Unfortunately, not everyone who appeared on the show was able to be tracked down. Scroll through the gallery below for details on the former reality stars’ lives in 2018.

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