Coco Austin Teases Daughter Chanel’s ‘Law and Order’ Acting Debut

With parents like Ice-T and Coco Austin, their daughter Chanel is bound to be a star. The blonde bombshell, 40, revealed when her 3-year-old will make her acting debut on her dad’s hit TV show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, in an exclusive interview with In Touch. She also opened up about whether she would allow her daughter to become one of the next child stars.

“They’ll probably ask her down the road,” Coco said about Chanel’s possible Law and Order debut. “She’s already on the set, you know, always been a part of the rehearsals and stuff — she feels like she’s doing something.” Coco explained Chanel’s guest appearance is a hot discussion on set ever since Ice’s costar Kelli Giddish gave her infant son a small role. “After that happened, everybody knew that Kelly used her baby and everybody’s like, ‘Well what happened to Chanel? Why isn’t Chanel making her little debut?’” the proud mom added.

Although Coco sees immense talent in her little girl, she says she “wouldn’t push” her to start a career in show business. “I see her personality. That’s where it’s kind of going automatically. She likes to perform. She likes to act out for you. She likes to be a comedian in your eyes. She likes to sing and dance. And that’s kind of what ‘star’ entails, you know, they want to be that shining light,” she explained.

Courtesy of Coco Austin/Instagram

“I call her ‘My Little Shirley Temple,’ you know, she’s got the curly hair and she smiles all the time with her dimples — it’s really cute,” Coco gushed. Even though Coco sees Chanel’s potential, she promises to not be a stage mom. “I’m not in no way pushing it because people are the ‘Oh, are you going to be that type of mom where you push your child?’ If she likes it, she’s going to do it herself. And you’re going to see she’s not pushed, it’s going to be a natural type of thing.”

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Coco also shared that Chanel loves seeing herself on the small screen. “She’s always saying ‘I want to be on the TV. I want to be on the TV.’ She loves it when E! News always has her on TV, and on a weekly basis I would say. And she always wants to watch E! television because she knows she’s on it a lot. She’s like ‘Mommy lets watch Chanel on TV.’ That’s her way of watching herself on TV so she likes it.”

Coco Austin Daughter Chanel Law & Order Acting Debut
Courtesy of Coco Austin/Instagram

Aside from the glitz and glamour, Chanel seems to have some acting chops as well. She had a small appearance in her father’s music video and Coco said she knew her lines and acted on cue.

Coco admitted that it would be nice to pass the torch to her baby girl. “I’ve been in that moment, I’ve been in front of the camera — it’s nice to be behind the camera watching my little mini do her thing. But I was like, ‘Oh, she might have it. She might actually like doing this.’ So we’ll see, I like I said, she doesn’t have an agent. I’m her stylist. I’m her little agent. So, if people come to me and asked her, I’ll ask her, she’ll either want to do it or not. And if she does, then I’ll let her definitely.” Can’t wait to see Chanel tap dance her way to the big screen!

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