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Cinderella’s Royal Table is a Disney World must do, because it allows you to do the impossible – to go inside Cinderella’s Castle.

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Anyone can walk through the arches at ground level, past some beautiful mosaics and come out on the other side. Other Disney parks have paths to follow deeper into their castles, displaying dioramas telling Sleeping Beauty’s story. At Disneyland Paris you can even go underground beneath the castle in search of the dragon who lives in the darkness. But at Magic Kingdom at Disney World your dining reservation gives you entree into the royal kingdom.

It is just like stepping into a fairytale.


Cinderella will greet you in the Grand Hall and welcome you to her castle

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Cinderella’s Royal TableCinderella’s Royal Table menu

Walt Disney World character dining

Choose Cinderella’s Royal Table for the most efficient way to meet five big name princesses in a wonderfully memorable venue. For a princess fan this meal will be a highlight of your Disney World vacation.

If it’s princesses that you love, then Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot is the only alternative character meal. However, you obviously won’t get to go inside Cinderella’s Castle and, since Akershus is in Norway in the World Showcase, food options tend to have a Norwegian slant.

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The first time you see Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World is pretty special, but going inside is thrilling.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

From the time you approach the check in desk at the entrance to Cinderella’s Castle, you are drawn into a fantasy world. You are addressed as “My Lady” and treated as if you are royalty visiting from another kingdom. Literally. There is no smirk, wink, and “oh isn’t this cute for the kids”, it is like walking into a play with every staff member playing their parts in earnest.

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Suits of armour and tapestries line the stone walls inside the castle, where Cinderella greets you and welcomes you to her home.


Meeting Cinderella in the Grand Hall

Climb the spiral staircase (there’s a lift too) and walk into this impressive chamber.


Inside Cinderella’s Royal Table

During your meal you will be given a wishing star plus either a sword or a wand (your choice) with a fun sword/wand waving ceremony.

Bookings are offered almost continuously all day, starting with breakfast, then an hour break before lunch and an hour break before dinner.


Alannah with her new wand

Cinderella’s Royal Table characters

Cinderella will greet you in the Grand Hall before you are called to go up to the restaurant to your table.


An assortment of princesses will visit your table over the course of your meal for autographs, chats, hugs and photos. There will typically be four princesses, such as Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White or Jasmine.

Each princess is formally introduced to the room with a shortened version of her story and theme music. It is quite captivating.


Cinderella’s Royal Table dress code

As you can see from the photo of Cinderella, Alannah and I above, there is no dress code. Guests wear whatever they would normally wear in the park, so typically jeans, leggings or shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers.

I did feel ridiculously underdressed standing next to the princesses though, so a casual dress like Alannah is wearing might be a better choice.

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It is quite common for young girls to be dolled up in full princess costumes, but these are highly impractical for doing anything else in the park, so it’s best to bring the costume and change into it just before your dining reservation.

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Meeting the lovely Ariel. If you want to meet Ariel in mermaid form, head to her meet and greet in Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Royal Table menu

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a much more formal dining experience than most other character meals and the quality of the food, particularly for lunch and dinner, is very good.

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Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast

Breakfast is the most relaxed meal with share plates of assorted breakfast pastries brought to your table.

You then order your main meal from the menu. Options may include bacon and eggs, oatmeal, frittata, quiche or French toast. Mickey waffles are on the kids menu.

Last trip we had breakfast here. It was easy for the kids to find something they liked from the menu and all our pastries quickly disappeared.


Cinderella’s Royal Table lunch and dinner

This visit we had lunch so this was our menu. It is a three course meal and you choose all three courses at the start, so that the waiters can keep your meal on schedule. Alannah ordered off the adult menu as the kids’ menu is designed for kids under 10 years old.

I enjoyed the small tomato and mozzarella salad for our first course, while there were also an antipasto plate and a soup on offer. Alannah skipped this course.

For main there are typically beef, chicken, pork, fish and vegetarian options. See a sample menu here. Portion sizes are very generous and our meals were absolutely delicious. Alannah loved her roast chicken, mashed potato and vegetables, while my salmon was excellent.


Alannah’s chicken main meal


My salmon main meal

The must have dessert is The Clock Strikes Twelve. This decadent chocolate concoction is heavenly. For a simpler option Alannah enjoyed her Lemon Sorbet.


The Clock Strikes Twelve signature dessert

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Cinderella’s Royal Table prices

Prices are variable depending on which meal you attend.

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We found in early 2019 that breakfast was about US$68 per adult, and lunch and dinner were about US$82 per adult. Kids under 10 years are around 2/3 the adult price.

More information and reservations on the Disney site.


Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations open 180 days in advance and they sell out within a day or so. This is one of the hardest bookings to get, but definitely possible if you are online the minute that bookings open.

Unlike all other Disney World character meals, you have to pay for this one at time of booking. You can cancel and receive a refund, but I don’t think this happens often. The general view is that if you can get a booking then you keep it.

For instance, after making our booking I later decided a different day would be more convenient, but nothing became available in the months that I was watching. You can use Mouse Dining to register what you’re looking for and they will send you alerts if it becomes available.


Three Cinderella’s Royal Table tips

1. Have the kids sit on the outside of the table closest to the characters so they can easily jump up for a hug.

2. Get your autograph books open at the page you want signed. And don’t forget a pen! A texta or Sharpie is easiest for the characters to hold and write with.

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3. While there is a Photopass photographer doing the Cinderella photos, there are no Photopass photographers inside the restaurant, so be ready with your camera or phone when the characters are getting close. Since all the windows are on one side of the restaurant, try to have your back to them to get the best lighting for your photos.

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