Check out 7 Scrubs Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

There are few shows that get better every time you binge watch the entire series — and, luckily for us, Scrubs seems to get better and funnier with each viewing (and we would know — the show has been watched from start to finish more times than we can count!). One of the things that makes Scrubs one-of-a-kind is its sense of humor, and instead of becoming lame and predictable on the second time around, it only makes us laugh harder with each additional watch.

In fact, some of the jokes on the show are so funny (and self-referential), that they may have even gone under our heads the first… second… and maybe even the third time we binged the series! Think you know all there is to know about Sacred Heart and its lovable cast of characters? Keep scrolling to see if you caught the show’s best in-jokes, easter eggs, and continuity slip-ups!

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