Chanel West Coast Gets Emotional Talking About Single ‘Black Roses’

Getting choked up. Chanel West Coast got a little emotional while discussing her new single, “Black Roses,” in an exclusive video interview with In Touch. The 31-year-old reality star says she felt the need to “get this song done” after the death of her friend, Nicole Dubos, who battled addiction.

“It is everything that I’m feeling at this moment,” the Ridiculousness star explains. “I felt like I didn’t show my friend … enough attention. I knew she was struggling with drug problems and things like that and I felt like I could have done more and … I felt that I should’ve maybe reached out sooner, you know, before it was too late,” Chanel admits while getting teary-eyed. “I wanted to get the song out because I hoped that there were other people who would hear it and they wouldn’t wait [until] it was too late.”

While the song has special significance to the MTV personality, it also has a powerful message. “I felt like there was this wave of … not enough people showing love,” Chanel expresses. She says in today’s society people are more focused on themselves and she felt it was necessary to make a song emphasizing the importance also of loving others. “Everybody’s so into [themselves] and what they’re doing and worried about what they’re posting and not worried about showing love back to other people,” Chanel explains.

“Really the song is about … telling people that it’s cool to show love,” the beauty expresses. “Like I said in the song, show me love to your people. That’s a boss.” Chanel also shares why she thinks it’s harder for some to express their appreciation. “[I think some people] mistake friendliness and showing love for weakness. Like maybe you’re desperate for the friendship or need them, but really you’re just being a good person showing love.

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The rapper says she got very “emotional” while recording and finishing the song. “It was a little hard, but I did my best to perfect it because that was the goal,” she says.”To make sure I get out the best possible song and message, you know?”

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