Brittany Banks Slams TLC and Producers

Throw the whole team away! Brittany Banks slammed TLC and producers after the season 2 finale of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way aired.

“Now that the season is over, I would like to say every person on The Other Way production and editing team [red heart emoji] you’re all garbage ass humans. Enjoy,” Brittany, 26, wrote via her Instagram Story on Monday, November 30. “To my exes and ex-friends I used to know: [red heart emoji] you’re also complete clout chasing garbage. I hope the 15 [minutes] of fame was worth being disloyal.”

Courtesy of Brittany Banks/Instagram

She added, “All in all, I am glad it’s over. Enjoy the tell-all. Hopefully, they don’t chop it up and let y’all get the truth. Trust issues on level 1,000,000 [peace sign emoji].”

It seems the Palm Beach, Florida resident was extremely unhappy with the edit she received in her story line with her fiancé, Yazan Abu Hurira. The couple was introduced to fans on season 2 to document their love story. Brittany and Yazan, 24, met through his sister who was one of Brittany’s neighbors in America. After Yazan proposed, Brittany decided to move to Jordan to start their lives together as a couple.

90 day fiance brittany slams tlc producers
Courtesy of Brittany Banks/Instagram

But the rapper was keeping a major secret from Yazan. She was still legally married to her first husband, which is why she kept stalling her wedding to Yazan. His parents didn’t trust Brittany and felt she was stringing their son along. They also would only give the couple their blessing to wed if Brittany converted to Islam, follow their Muslim culture and give up her “haram” American lifestyle which included drinking, wearing revealing clothing and sharing sexy photos and videos on social media. When she refused to comply with their rules, Yazan’s parents were vocal about their disapproval.

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90 day fiance brittany slams tlc producers
Courtesy of Brittany Banks/Instagram

Even after Brittany finalized her divorce, she still wasn’t sure she wanted to marry Yazan and she got cold feet when she learned that Yazan would stand to lose everything if they were to tie the knot. Because Yazan’s family did not approve of Brittany, he could either be disowned by his tribe or they could decide to murder him in an honor killing for bringing shame and disrespect upon their family.

Yazan was willing to risk it all and give up his family to be with Brittany, but she ultimately decided that she did not want to marry Yazan and live in Jordan together because of the “danger” they were facing. Instead, she suggested they go the K-1 visa route, which would allow Yazan to legally move to the United States with Brittany under the condition they wed within 90 days of Yazan’s arrival. The couple’s story line was left on a cliffhanger as she retuned to the United States without him.

While it’s unclear if Brittany and Yazan are still together and have started the K-1 visa process, Brittany is still in America while Yazan remains in Jordan.

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