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The one and only King of the Blues, B.B. King, released ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ in December of 1969, and in 1970 it was a big hit for him. Sure, it conveniently ended up being, and also of course deservedly so, a blues standard, but you could actually hear it on the radio. And on jukeboxes in bars. It was about. That hadn’t been the case for a while for a lot of of the early progenitors of the blues. You weren’t going to catch Eleven more James on continuous radio. Or Etta James, for that matter. No Howlin’ Wolf, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Little Milton, or Buddy Guy. Maybe, if you were lucky, you might obtain simply a sprinkling of Muddy Waters (yet far more most likely in the later on ‘70’s through his “comeback” era helped with by collaborator and also lifelengthy fan Johnny Winter). Muddy, of course, developed the famous song, ‘The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll,’ and also in the tail end of the ‘60’s and also at an early stage ‘70’s a few prominent bands did most certainly bring the blues right into the mainstream, masqueraded only vaguely as rock and roll. You may have heard of some of them. The Allguy Brothers Band’s eponymous 1969 deyet album included the seething slow blues original, ‘It’s Not My Cross To Bear,’ which they then shortly followed up in 1970 via a cover of Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man,” and also in 1971 on the legendary “At Filleven more East” record, doing live renditions of T. Bone Walker’s “Stormy Monday” and also Blind Willie McTell’s “Statesboro Blues,” in all instances injecting their blues via facets of jazz, soul and also southerly boogie which ended up being component of their signature.

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Anvarious other band initially showing up in 1969, showing up with an interbred sound jocularly predicted to go over via music audiences like a proverbial “lead balloon” – or worse, a Le(a)d Zeppelin. They wore their blues impacts proudly whilst fmaking use of it via super-charged tough rock to create a mystical sonic barrage that not only proved to be monstrously successful commercially (though not right away), it basically readjusted the challenge of FM-radio, ultimately leading unmistakably to the idea of “timeless rock.” ‘You Shook Me’ and ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’ were unassailable blues interpretations on that Led Zeppelin dehowever record (both likewise Willie Dixon covers), and possibly no at an early stage Zeppelin tune was directly blues-ier than the one appearing 20 months in the future “Led Zeppelin III,” this time a Page/Plant/Jones original, the sensational 7-minute scorcher ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’. Certainly, tright here were many kind of other examples of comparable vintage: the Rolling Stones brilliant ‘Love In Vain,’ a plaintive re-setup of Robert Johnson; Bonnie Raitt’s sensual and also surly ‘Love Me Like A Man’; and also ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ a jangly/bluesy Eric Clapton complace for Derek and also the Dominos, among a series of tunes on “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs” broadspreading his unrequited love for Patti Boyd, that taken place to be the wife of his finest friend George Harrikid (snake relocate, Slowhand!).

Yet I want to talk below about still another pants-associated blues song that came along a few years later on, that being ZZ Top’s spellbindingly desolate 1975 smash, ‘Blue Jean Blues,’ off their killer “Fandango!” album, which based on my completely unclinical research and also self-appointed powers as local music aficionado, I’m going to declare as the most widespread, many timeless rock radio renowned, straight-ahead blues tune ever before. This was, and stays, a genuine hit for that Little Ol’ Band also From Texas. And it’s nopoint yet absolutely unadulterated slow-moving blues, with serious feeling, also if rock and roll radio listeners weren’t totally conscious that’s what they were obtaining. This is Billy Gibbons placing on a blues guitar clinic, of restraint and also intensity. He’s not specifically holding ago but he’s not reflecting off either. It’s all tone and also feel, with attention to every note and lick, imposed with the perfect intention. Plus, let’s not overlook that his smoldering playing is irresistibly complemented by the mournful desperation of his rasping vocals. What deserve to I say yet that this number immediately puts the listener in an absolute mood, sets a vice grip, and also for four-and-a-half aching and also breathtaking minutes, never lets loose. This is the blues, man; raw and also actual, and smattered in oil and also gasoline, favor the titular pair of blue jeans in the tune. Just cshed your eyes, and also let these blues slowly wash over you, both pristine and also nasty, someexactly how concurrently. Only, carry out us all right here a favor and don’t tell any of those classical rock radio programmers. The incomprehensibly hidden-in-plain-sight blues of this long-hosted rock classical can remajor unaddressed, just like whether or not Billy Gibbons’ baby is ever going to be coming back to return his filthy-ass jeans. Somejust how I think The King of the Blues and also all those various other old-timers would reap that.

I done ran into my babyAnd ultimately uncovered my old blue jeanI done ran right into my babyAnd lastly uncovered my old blue jeanWell, I can tell that they was mineFrom the oil and the gasoline

If I ever obtain ago my blue jeanLord, exactly how happy could one guy beIf I ever before acquire earlier my blue jeanLord, exactly how happy might one male be‘Causage if I obtain ago those blue jeansYou recognize, my baby be bringin’ ’em residence to me

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