How To Pair Navy Blue Dress Pants Brown Shoes, Match Blue Pants With Brown Shoes

Once you venture beyond the basic black suit and black shoes pairing, the next classic style combination for men is pairing a blue suit with brown shoes. While it’s a traditional look, it does require some styling to pull off correctly.

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Unlike with black which are always somber and subdue, blue suits often depend on the specific hue. Navy blue suits look more modern and less drab than black or gray, giving you a bit more style while not compromising your professional appearance in the office. Or if you prefer royal blue, it’s perfect for a more casual setting like a date or night out.


When matching a blue suit with brown shoes, you project a confident yet understated vibe. The best part about this style, is how nuanced you can be — the colors lend themselves to be expressive, with a variety of tones and possibilities for accessorizing which can change the mood dramatically.


Wearing a blue suit is a good bridge between traditional formal office-wear and modern casual, allowing you to look like an individual and express some personality without screaming “look at me!”

While black dress shoes are a men’s wear staple that every guy should have in his closet, however, they don’t always match well with blue pants. Much depends on the shade of blue — if the suit’s color is too close to black, there’s potential that they conflict, too bright a blue and black shoes won’t match.

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In general, reserve your black dress shoes for formal, serious occasions and very conservative offices. That said, blue suits plus brown shoes can look great for weddings.

That said, every blue suit and brown shoe will not naturally compliment each other. You will need to pair them based on the shade of brown and the hue of your suit. Generally, it’s best to get the suit first: find one that suits your skin tone and the occasion, then buy shoes that compliment the suit.

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How Do Color Match Brown Shoes and a Blue Suit?

The strength and weakness of a blue suit is its versatility. There’s a whole spectrum blue that can range from serious, for the office navy to just for fun egg-shell casual blue suits. Their tonality can vary and you can find a blue to compliment almost any skin tone, unlike black which leaves many men looking washed out.

Before you go shopping for a blue suit, decide the tone you’d like to set. Is this for office or personal use? For work-wear, do have a conservative office where navy is the only option or can you go for slightly brighter, more modern hue like royal blue?

Blue Suit Ideas: Where to Wear a Blue Suit

If it’s for personal use, is it for being a guest at a weddingor cocktail party where you want to impress without drawing attention to yourself?

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Tan Shoes

Tan shoes* tend to be best used only for summer or casual situations. That said, they can be the perfect color to offset a light summer suit.

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Picking the Style of Your Shoe to Best Match Your Suit

Formal Brown Shoes

There’s security in going the traditional route. Formal brown shoes are a good substitute to black and fit a wide variety of situations by being so standard they blend in almost everywhere, from a meeting in the boardroom to drinks afterwards.

Avoid rubber soles and aim for leather, especially leather that is sewn and can be resoled. These are shoes worth investing in and maintaining.

With formal brown shoes, the styling is usually minimal with few accents and an emphasis on quality leather and classic shape. Pay attention to the toe — rounded toes tend to look more casual while boxy toes look edgier.

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This is a shoe worth investing in — find a classic plain or cap toe that tapers along with the shape of your foot for a style you can wear for years.

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