Blac Chyna’s Natural Hair Is Totally Stunning! See Rare Pictures

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Blac Chyna has a definite look. With the double Monroe piercings, the impressive derriere, and an array of rotating hairstyles, Chyna’s image is almost as exciting as her non-stop drama with ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian (almost). But among all of her signatures, the one that she doesn’t necessarily need is her penchant for wigs and weaves… because on the rare instances we catch pictures of her with her natural hair, it looks magnificent.

Ok, ok, we at least understand the fun factor of being able to change up your look every day. Whether it’s the blunt-bang platinum hair that made her famous, the magically pastel unicorn wig that matched perfectly with her Chanel, or the legal action wig that showed she meant business, Chyna owns that artificial hair. But underneath all those wigs there’s definitely an equally luscious mane, and she shouldn’t hide it.

Seriously, her IRL hair is great, too! It’s thick, black, super duper long, and looks healthy AF. We’re willing to bet that wig use actually protects it pretty well… although there’s no doubt Chyna takes plenty of HairFinity vitamins to keep it growing and growing and growing.

And while her real hair’s red carpet appearances are few and far between, every so often Chyna treats us to a glimpse on social media. So we decided to round up a few of the rare instances she showed off the fierceness of her real mane. Check out the gallery to see pictures of Blac Chyna and her real hair!

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