Big Sean Allegedly Cheats on Jhene Aiko With Nicole Scherzinger (REPORT)

Twitter is screaming “I don’t f–k with YOU!” after a report broke that Big Sean may have cheated on his longtime girlfriend Jhene Aiko on March 12. The rapper quickly became a trending topic after sources told The Jasmine Brand that the “I Decided” performer had a secretive date night with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

“They both attended an Oscar Awards after-party together and were cozied up together sitting at a table in VIP,” said the source. “They were all over each other and they looked really comfortable around each other. They looked like they were a couple.” The report claims that there were no cameras allowed inside the party, so perhaps they thought Jhene wouldn’t find out. Except someone apparently told her.

We can’t confirm this report, and the only possible proof that Sean and Jhene are no longer together is the fact that she unfollowed her beloved beau on Instagram. Also, the last photo of Jhene and Big Sean together on her Instagram is from Jan. 23, which is a long time ago considering the couple usually posts pics together on the daily. True or not, Twitter has already taken hold of the rumors and they aren’t holding back on Sean.

“Wowwwwww Big Sean aint even have the decency to let another Twenty88 album drop before he cheated smh,” wrote a disappointed fan. “Big Sean is 5’8. I’ve been saying forever that you can’t trust a short man. Graduate to an honest and faithful six footer,” said another hater. However, there were some believers. “I don’t believe Big Sean would cheat on a woman who tattooed his FACE on her arm. I can’t,” said a supporter. Oh yeah, btw, Jhene tattooed Sean’s face on her arm. Here are some more savage tweets about the sitch:

Perhaps fans aren’t giving Sean the benefit of the doubt because his ex Naya Rivera wrote in her memoir that she caught him cheating on her with Ariana Grande, who he went on to date for several years. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Sean responds!

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