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DIY Marty McFly And Doc Brown Halloween Costumes

Back to the Future is one of our favorite movies of all time. These make a perfect couple’s Halloween costume too. We’ve found most of the items you would need online, but our favorite place to go when looking for a Halloween costume is the thrift store. We have a huge Salvation Army store nearby and it is the best place to find items for your Halloween costumes for the best prices. Our store organizes all of the items by color, which makes it super easy to find the different pieces you’re looking for.

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Make sure you check both the mens and women’s sections for your items. If you can’t find all of your items at the thrift store, we’ve found them at a few different places. Remember that the pieces don’t have to be exact. Get creative with what you have or what you can find. Print out a picture of the costume you’re trying to create or save a screenshot on your phone. It makes it a million times easier when you’re out searching.

DIY Marty McFly Halloween Costume



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