Ariana Grande “Accidentally” Posts a Video Of Her Kissing Costar Liz Gillies on Instagram

Ugh, you know when you, like, put on your makeup and totally look ~on fleek~ and you “accidentally” take a video of you kissing your lady friend? And then you “accidentally” post it to Instagram? Even though there are, like, at least five steps involved in the process?

Well it turns out, celebrities are regular people too!!!! Case in point? Ariana Grande, who “accidentally” posted a video of her kissing her Victorious costar Liz Gillies!

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Ugh, sooooo embarrassing!

The actress-turned-singer, 22, later clarified that she was editing the video on Instagram when she accidentally posted it instead… Likely story.

She’s hardly the first celeb to star to have a major social media fail!

Who can forget when Brandi Glanville “accidentally” tweeted her cleavage, or when Marc Jacobs Instagrammed a ~naked pic~ that he meant to privately send to some lucky guy?

Ya know, the only difference here is about two decades and about 44 million followers!

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