Are Tiffany and Ronald Still Together?

When 90 Day Fiancé fans caught up with Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith on the season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, they were experiencing a rough patch in their marriage in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But are they still together now? Keep scrolling to find out!

Although they got back together after a brief breakup in January 2020, the on-again, off-again couple have “officially split” as of August 2021, she exclusively told In Touch, confirming they parted ways romantically for a fourth time. Furthermore, Ronald told In Touch that he filed for divorce.

After getting into a dispute over the cryptic caption and new photo he posted on Instagram, Ronald added that “she says I’m seeking attention, but if I feel good about myself, I’m going to post a selfie.”

The reality star dad said he isn’t too hopeful about reconciling. “At the end of the day, I’m gonna call a spade a spade. As much as I love her and I care for her and she’s the mother of my kids, I don’t know that I would even want to fix it,” Ronald revealed to In Touch. “I highly doubt it. I’m tired of holding back and keeping quiet.”

Tiffany and Ronald previously fueled breakup rumors when they both stopped following each other on Instagram on the heels of some intense social media drama. “Feel like I can breathe again,” she wrote via her Stories in a cryptic message. “No more pretending.” 

Amid speculation about the status of their relationship, the South Africa resident also explained his stance on what was going on between them behind closed doors. 

“I’m so, so, so tired of her playing victim and always saying she’s the one getting hurt or I’m always doing fault or I’m doing this wrong, or I don’t do this right,” Ronald replied in the comments section of 90 Day blogger John Yates‘ post rehashing the drama. “I’m tired of being the idiot honestly. Always trying for nothing just to be told I’m playing victim,” Tiffany also commented.

Courtesy of Tiffany Franco/Instagram

As they have done in the past, Ronald and Tiffany were able to quickly work through their issues and by Father’s Day 2021, they had already gotten back together. In honor of the holiday, Tiffany took to Instagram to gush over Ronald as a father.

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“Happy Father’s Day! To Papa bear. For almost 5 years now you’ve been Papa bear, through the ups and downs A constant reminder of why are you are the love of my life is the amazing love you have for our kids. You embraced Daniel in a way that I can’t actually explain… I love you have for him makes me so proud. The kids adore you. I adore you,” she wrote on June 20. “Today is entirely your day, to celebrate the amazing dad you are and how even more amazing you are becoming every day. I love seeing the man who once was the center of attention and the party animal turn into the guy who lets everyone go have their parties so you can walk off to the side and play toys with the kids. I am grateful, I am blessed, I am proud. You are truly a blessing to us. From the bottom of all of our hearts we love you with all of us and we wish you the best Father’s Day!”

Fans were quick to point out how hot and cold the couple’s relationship is and how their marriage seemed to be toxic due to their public fighting — and Tiffany fully agreed. She admitted their breakups were caused by “immature, heated fights” and doubled down on the “messy” nature of their romance before their third falling out in early July. 

The animosity between them seemed to ignite after celebrating their daughter Carley’s July 3 birthday separately due to their long-distance arrangement. Tiffany later shared alleged direct messages and emails that she claimed were from Ronald in which the Happily Ever After? star allegedly said he was “done” being together and accused her of lying about the visa paperwork. 

Tiffany Franco Split Post
Courtesy Tiffany Franco Smith/Instagram

Tiffany fired back by claiming he had been threatening her and told fans she was done dealing with the alleged emotional abuse. Ronald later spoke out about their recent breakup on a YouTube live with John, and while he didn’t deny sending the scathing messages to his wife, he claimed Tiffany omitted parts of the conversation where she also had used abusive language toward him.

The dad of one followed up in a separate message on July 7, revealing he would be taking a hiatus from social media amid the drama with Tiffany.

It seems things cooled down between the couple enough at one point that they were able to call a truce. Tiffany took to her Instagram Story on July 9 to share a final update with fans on the status of her marriage with Ronald.

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“Addressing the Ronald situation for the last time. Won’t be posting our dirty laundry for all to see. No one deserves being treated badly, no one deserves to feel the way we have both made each other [feel]. we have both apologized for our behavior. Things are gonna be on lock from now on for the kids. To all my followers thank you for the continued love and support I love you all but I can no longer speak on the situation,” she wrote. “We are not perfect. I’m not perfect. I also have my flaws, just like Ronald. Let’s take it easy. I’ll go first haha.”

Prior to their latest dispute, Tiffany revealed that Ronald had been supporting her “emotionally through everything” amid her weight loss surgery recovery.

As for Ronald’s visa status, it seems that has been an ongoing source of contention for the pair’s July fight as he claimed she wasn’t honest about submitting paperwork and completing the application process. Ronald is still thousands of miles away from his family in Maryland.

90 Day Fiance Star Tiffany Franco Smith on Bed With Son Daniel and Daughter Carley
Courtesy of Tiffany Franco Smith/Instagram

Fans have been watching the aftermath of the couple’s brief January 2020 split play out on season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, where Tiffany documented a visit to a divorce lawyer to learn about her options to possibly end her marriage to Ronald. At the time, the couple had been physically apart for eight months due to travel restrictions amid the pandemic, with Tiffany living in America with the couple’s daughter, Carley, and her son, Daniel, from a previous relationship, while Ronald was living in his native country of South Africa.

They had also been waiting for 10 months for an update on Ronald’s CR-1 visa, which is a visa that allows the spouse of a United States citizen to enter the country legally. The long-distance, the pandemic and several other factors were putting a strain on the couple’s relationship. 

“COVID has really put my marriage through the wringer,” the Frederick, Maryland, native said in her confessional. “I am all alone left to face everything and be responsible for everything. Ronald right now is not emotionally supportive, he’s not financially supportive. Not once does Ronald offer, ‘Hey, let me buy diapers for Carley. Hey, let me send her some clothes. Or let me send you money for clothes.’ Nothing. And that’s so frustrating because that’s not only my responsibility. I didn’t make this baby alone.”

After listing her reasons for wanting a divorce from her husband, the lawyer told Tiffany that to him, their issues seemed fixable through marriage counseling. While she agreed to try couples therapy, she canceled the flight tickets she had previously purchased for her, Carley and Daniel to visit Ronald in South Africa the following month. She told Ronald that if he wants them to visit him, he would have to step up and start to provide financially for their family of four — starting with purchasing new airplane tickets.

Ronald was extremely upset and said he felt Tiffany was being “spiteful” by canceling the tickets without discussing it with him first. Ronald insisted that the currency exchange from rands to dollars is not equal and it would be hard for him to equally share finances with Tiffany. She explained that all she wanted was to see a little bit of effort from her husband.

Despite Ronald’s pushback, Tiffany felt she made the best decision for her family. With the money that she saved in the plane tickets to South Africa, she was able to put a deposit down for an apartment for her, Carley and Daniel so they could move out of her mother’s house. After all of the tension, Ronald finally pulled through and was able to book travel for his family to visit him in South Africa during the 2020 holidays. Tiffany later revealed that the trip was only supposed to be for two weeks, but it turned into an extended four-month stay. She returned to America with Daniel and Carley in March.

Time will tell if they are able to work through their issues or start new lives apart.

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