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Application MethodsLOFT, a division of Anne Inc., boasts roughly 510 retail locations worldwide and often hires new workers based on employee referrals. Applicants also bid for job opportunities using hiring forms available on the company website. Entry-level applicants with employee referrals cite an expedited hiring process lasting three to five days, while other job hopefuls may experience a longer employment process lasting a week or two.

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One-on-one Interviews are Typical

The casual clothing store typically makes hiring decisions after one, 30- to 45-minute interview with entry-level candidates. Managerial applicants should expect a more involved hiring process. LOFT management candidates often undergo phone screenings before securing 1:1 interviews or panel meetings in-store.

How Should I Dress?

Entry-level job hopefuls should wear fashionable yet casual outfits to LOFT job interviews, while managerial candidates may want to dress in business-professional attire.

Subjects Discussed in the Interview

Candidates should prepare to discuss previous retail experiences, career aspirations, customer service-related scenarios, fashion, and availability at each LOFT interview.

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Questions to Anticipate

Common interview questions for entry-level applicants include:Why do you want to work here?Where do you see yourself in five years?How does LOFT play a role in your future?Can you tell me about a time when you helped an unhappy or stressed customer?

Prep for Assembling Loft Outfits for Hiring Approval

Entry-level candidates may also need to assemble outfits for LOFT hiring managers using merchandise found in-store to asses fashion sense.

End of Interview

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LOFT interviews often conclude with discussions touching on availability and potential start dates.

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What to Expect as a Managerial Candidate

LOFT managerial candidates encounter basic questions regarding leadership, sales, and customer service during phone screenings. Successful candidates attend in-person interviews with corporate higher-ups. The face-to-face hiring sessions often cover topics like team building, loss prevention, management styles, and additional customer service inquiries. Depending on hiring personnel, some interviews may take on strict question and answer formats, while other meetings prove more conversational in nature. A possible interview question for management candidates includes, “Can you describe a time when a subordinate refused to follow instructions? How did you approach the situation?” Managerial interviews often end with salary negotiations. Successful applicants generally receive notification of hiring during the final session or a few days later via telephone.

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