Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap Share Messages About Alaiya Amid Recovery

She is turning to her faith in trying times. Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap have remained by their daughter Alaiya’s side as she recovers from having emergency brain surgery. The Love & Hip Hop alum has been taking to social media with updates about her baby girl, and she continues to share heartwarming messages about how grateful she is that Alaiya is on the mend.

Fetty, 27, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, posted an image with Alaiya’s initials that read, “the strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.” Alexis, 24, reposted the message to her page and shared a snap of herself showing bedside support to their one-year-old daughter, who was born three months premature.

Courtesy of Alexis Skyy/Instagram

Alayia weighed only one pound when she was welcomed into the world and she reportedly suffers from hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. Alexis and Fetty’s daughter had to have surgery to repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps it drain of the blood and fluids. “Surgery went well, thank you GOD,” Alexis wrote in an update to her worried fans.

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap Share Heartfelt Messages About Daughter Alaiya Amid Recovery
Courtesy of Alexis Skyy/Instagram

The VH1 star later thanked fans for their prayers and well-wishes. “Lay Lay is good,” the mother-of-one revealed on January 28. Earlier this month, Alexis celebrated her daughter’s milestone birthday and gushed over Alaiya in a touching post. “My biggest blessing. Happy first b-day. I love you babygirl I got you forever,” she wrote on January 4, to mark the special occasion.

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Even though Alexis and Fetty aren’t together romantically anymore, they’ve been putting their daughter first. The reality star has since been rumored to be dating Rob Kardashian, after he gushed over her in a “WCW” post on Snapchat. Shortly after, they were seen having dinner at his mother’s house, further fueling the speculation they are a new couple — we’ll see what the future holds. Get well soon, Alaiya.

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