’90 Day Fiancé’ Tasha Fights With Dad Eric and Leida On Instagram

Tasha had a lot to say.

“Look, Leida/father,” she wrote. “You can deny posting my brush history” — which she later clarified was meant to say medical history — “on fb all the f–k you want. But the three of us know it’s true because 1) Leida and I literally got into a fight because she was trying to convince me she ‘had every right to do it because she’s a doctor and my dad said it was okay.’

“Uhm, plus my mother and sisters saw it,” she continued. “Along with the 10 friends of mine who were either chewing her a– out or in my DMs telling me. It was not simply about ‘an injury I had as a child.’ Dear God grow up. Ffs.”

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