90 Day Fiancé Stars Jason and Cassia Reveal They’re Getting a Divorce

Jassia no more! 90 Day Fiancé stars Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares are officially getting a divorce. The reality show couple had been working on their marriage but they ultimately decided to abandon their dream of a “happily ever after” together on January 30, when they filed for a dissolution of marriage.

Starcasm reports that the couple filled out additional paperwork on Feb. 5 and opted for the “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage,” so the relationship could officially be over within 30 days… which means it might already have happened.

They recently revealed that their split was permanent on social media and just weeks after Jason opened up about what led to the demise of their relationship, Cassia spoke out and claimed domestic abuse was to blame.

“For the time I was with Jason he was a good man sometimes, but I found him to be violent with his words, a controller and (as many of you know) an abuser,” Cassia revealed in a statement to Starcasm. “I never got an apology for his arrest, until today he blames me for calling the police and he does not take responsibility for his violent act (which was not the first). I dropped the charges because I felt sorry for him and it was hurtful to see him being arrested, I didn’t want him in jail, but I didn’t know that in Florida they need to arrest people committing DV. Plus, I depended on him for everything.”


She went on to explain that she thought Jason would change, but he treated the domestic violence incident as a joke. She tried to move on and give him a second chance, but she couldn’t look at him the same way anymore. “Because all I see now is a mean man. He has destroyed everything I felt for him,” she continued.

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Jason also gave his side of the story in an interview with Starcasm and he painted a completely different picture of their split — but he didn’t seem to think that domestic violence played a role in their divorce.

Last year, Jason was charged with domestic battery after Cassia called the police on him while they were in the middle of a fight. After the incident, they separated and began living separately. Despite their problems, Jason at the time still believed they would get back together. “We’re looking to put this incident behind us,” he said about the charges, which were later dropped.

“I tried everything last year to save whatever we thought we had,” he admitted. “We saw and hung out with the likes of Jim Brickman, Johnny Mathis, Christopher Cross, Bill Engvall, Michael Bolton, and Steve-O. Saw concerts like Foreigner, Green Day, Matchbox 20, Nickelback, Counting Crows, and Daughtry.”

But, apparently, all those date nights and fun outings weren’t enough to rekindle what they once had. “Around her birthday I took her to Melbourne, FL for an Army Couples retreat,” he continued, “but nothing worked. She flipped a switch and that was it. There was nothing I could.”

But, Jason isn’t letting the end of their marriage keep him down and revealed via the comment section of Facebook that he knows what to look for in a wife. “A good communicator. A truly giving person is what I am looking for,” he wrote. As for now? He’s looking to the future: “Get the ink dried on the papers, get my promotion. Get my deployment. Work on my Beach Body. I am not dead yet.”

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