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Zimmermann here, there and everywhere


If you follow street style bloggers or celebrity fashion, the brand Zimmermann should ring several bells. Over the last decade, sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann have exploded onto the international scene, bringing Australian chic to the masses. Starting in the late 1990s with a heavy focus on swimwear, they quickly made a name for themselves with flattering cuts and clever silhouettes. Since then they’ve transitioned into sizable ready-to-wear collections, and now it seems that anyone who’s anyone owns at least one piece from the brand. And by anyone, I mean BEYONCÉ.

This season, I feel as though Zimmermann’s imprint on the market has become almost impossible not to notice. For a brand that originates from literally half way around the globe, that’s no easy feat. But Australian designers definitely seem to be having their moment on the world stage with the duo joining the ranks of other successful counterparts like Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee and Sass & Bide. After receiving an investment to fund further expansion efforts last year, Zimmermann has opened two more retail locations in Miami and London. So, they must be doing something right.

I, myself, am actually a big supporter of the brand. Not because it’s super popular, but I’ve found that their design aesthetic is really easy to grasp. Australian style is as relaxed as it is polished, and Zimmerman effectively captures it season after season with well-placed ruffles, dainty florals and swimwear that often doubles as ready-to-wear, because what’s more Australian than beach-to-street styles? And as I mentioned before, their designs have been on the celebrity circuit for a while now. From Bella Hadid in a cool, plaid menswear-inspired set to the Queen Bey herself making her first post-baby debut in one of their floral mini skirts, it’s feeling like the Summer of Zimmerman. The brand has also become quite the favorite amongst other creative tastemakers as well, prompting the need for chic dinners in the Hamptons, which is also one of the locations for their over 20 boutiques worldwide.

Becoming a mainstay in this often fickle fashion world is easier said than done. So, I truly admire labels that stick to their guns and create clothes that make you feel beautiful while sustaining a growing band of loyal followers. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that the basis of any successful brand?

By Ariel Serano

Tags: Australian / Celebrity style / summer / Zimmermann

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