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Your $600 cotton poplin shirt is all about branding


Dear brand-won’t-mention,

I’m getting annoyed. I love your clothes, your art influences, and your unique approach to dressing modern women, but why are your clothes so damn expensive? I routinely check fabrication content and where things are made because I know those two elements can sometimes justify the cost. But at $625 for a top made from 100% cotton – it doesn’t make sense. You’re not Lanvin, you’re not Gucci, and you’re not Louis Vuitton (this doesn’t make it ok, but I get it) – I expect those prices from them, mostly because I know you’re shelling out for Gucci loafers or Lanvin silk t-shirt – but you’re an up-and-coming New York City-based brand. Albeit, very very talented and have already been a CFDA finalist, but come on!

If you’re trying to compete at the Designer level you have to do something more interesting than re-inventing the classic button down by making it oversized. It’s not one-of-a-kind or exclusive in any other way. You can’t just trick people into believing you’re something that you’re not by charging a lot for your clothes. Others may not see through that, but I do. And I’m annoyed because I have many of your pieces purchased in the last 4 years that I really love. But I have never paid the prices you are currently charging for the same style pants re-issued each season, or the silk pleated caftan dress I see hints of in your Spring 2017 collection. You have an A-line gray wool skirt on your website for $2200!

I guess it’s not you, it’s me. Authenticity and transparency are important to me as a person and as a consumer. I don’t understand why your prices have gone up so much. I get it, you want to make money. But just know that as someone who really loves your brand, and is exactly the woman you are designing for, I will no longer be buying your clothes.

Disgruntled, former customer

Tags: Australian / CFDA / NYC-based / ready-to-wear / Style / womenswear

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