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You can find me…in a crewneck sweater this fall


Awhile back I told you I was going to really start writing more personal. Well, let’s consider this one of the first posts in that department. Historically, I have been known to wear oversized and baggy anything and everything. Not that I’m trying to hide or am ashamed of my body, but I found these silhouettes far more comfortable. I mean, who wouldn’t? Trouble was though, that oftentimes when your sleeves hit your knees, it makes it much harder to run after and scoop up a small child. Last fall wasn’t as bad, my son was just a few months old, and outside his swaddle, his movement was minimal. This year, at 16 months old, he is a tornado. The sweetest, cutest, most loving tornado, but tornado nonetheless. My oversize, jumbo clothing isn’t cutting it anymore. I get tangled up, trip over my pants (seriously hazardous), and couldn’t get my sleeves pushed back in time to avoid the disaster during a diaper change.

Enter a new phase in my personal style: the slimmer cut top. I have fallen in love with the traditional crewneck sweater. I will write more on my fall dressing inspiration in the coming weeks, but for now, you can find me in a more closely cut top, on top. Any piece of knitwear from Stella McCartney, Suno, Carven, J.W. Anderson, or Maiyet will do.

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