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Image courtesy Mola Sasa

Yasmin Sabet


Yesterday was officially Earth Day, but we love featuring those designers who devote their mission to designing collections and running their businesses in a way that impacts the earth in a positive way, any day. Yasmin Sabet is the founder of Mola Sasa, an accessories brand that collaborates directly with indigenous communities throughout Latin America to translate their artisanal traditions into designs for the modern woman. For Earth Day, Mola Sasa created a special 3- piece capsule collection: a Chimichagua tote, a pair of bold statement earrings, and a delicate wrap belt. Each piece produced in a way to promote the sustainability and preservation of Colombian natural resources.


When did you launch Mola Sasa?

I launched it officially in 2015.

Why did you choose to focus on accessories?

Mola Sasa sort of happened by mistake. I have an architecture background and I was focusing on furniture design. A friend and I did a trunk show for fun and it was a success! And people started asking for more and it took flight!

What was the inspiration behind an ethical collection made in Colombia?

I always admired the fabrics that we work with; I find that they are extremely delicate and beautifully crafted. A whole world opened up when we did our first designs. I realized that even a project as small as ours was then could have such an important impact on so many people that need sources of significant income.

How involved are you in the production process?

The production process is always a conversation with the artisans, and a continuous back and forth of ideas and ways to improve or be more creative.

Do you have personal roots to this particular area in Colombia where the artisans create the pieces for Mola Sasa?

Not really! But they are beautiful regions!

How do the indigenous women of Kuna feel about their work being shown and worn by some of the most stylish women in the fashion industry?

They love it! I always share images with them and they feel so incredibly proud that their smiles alone keep me going during tough times.

Your clutches are eye catching! How do you decide on the color combinations?

Color is definitely a science. And then there is the layering and juxtaposition of two fabrics which gives way to experimentation in color. I am always inspired by the particular collection that we are working on and the mood of the idea also helps us define the color combinations.

What can you tell us about the Mola Sasa woman?

Mola Sasa is all about women. The Mola Sosa woman feminine, empowered, independent, conscious and bold.

Do you have any plans to add ready to wear?

Yes! Hopefully soon.

Can you tell us about the Earth Day capsule? What does it include?

We wanted to promote the Chimichagua technique which is a wonderful craft and gives the women from this poor region an important income. Working with natural fibers is always a chance to stay natural; to use natural dyes throughout the handmade processes and this is what we wanted to highlight with this special eco collection.

What does Earth Day mean to you?

It is a calling for all of us to stop and look around and think and act. Our Earth Day collection is just one visible way in which we acknowledge it this year. But to all of us Earth Day should be everyday.

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