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Why are women still wearing shoes they can’t walk in?


I passed a woman struggling to walk in her high heels on the street today. This post is dedicated to her and all the other women out there who still think high heels always win. The woman looked like a broker (us New Yorkers can spot ’em), and wore a short skirt suit, and 3-4 inch camel heels. She was probably in her 50s so it’s possible her commitment to heels is generational. This is also the uniform for female brokers. However dated the entire outfit was is another post entirely. Why do women who can’t walk in heels, wear heels? She was clobbering about, sort of like bouncing down the sidewalk to compensate for the discomfort. With so many, many more elegant options in formal footwear these days I find it inexcusable for anyone to subject themselves to such (obvious) distress. I’ve been absent a professional work environment for years, and in my industry, high heels were always fun and interesting like a Marni platform or an occasion appropriate Gucci stiletto. I hear this is not the case in the legal and finance worlds where nude or black high heels rule and are considered part of the dress code. Gah, how awful! Regardless, someone needs to introduce these women to a kitten heel, or a platform heel, or a block heel, all equally feminine and more walkable than the less-than-inspired high heels I see many professional women sporting. And can we all collectively agree to end this narrative that “heels make me look better/more professional/powerful/sexy” because really nothing is more elegant than a woman walking confidently (read: comfortably) in whatever shoe she chooses.

Image via Mashable

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