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When it’s resort season, and it’s still cold


Groundhog Day’s Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday and is predicting a long winter. So bundle up, my people, we have many more cold days in our future, 6 weeks if you believe Phil. This is a particular bummer to me because I am dying to wear some lighter, and brighter Resort pieces. (I wore 2 coats today, seriously.) I really should know better – when Resort pieces start trickling into stores in early January with that comes the temptation to try and make my new dresses work with tights or perfect the dresses over pants look. It never really works because it’s not chic to look cold, ever. I mean, I understand that the purpose of resortwear is to literally escape winter and travel someplace warm and exotic with a new wardrobe. But, with no such vacations booked or local warm weather in sight I will appease my sun-drenched fantasies by indulging the Fendi’s Resort collection. The playful and graphic confections are so charming. The second half of the collection is my favorite and a wave motif and shows up on silk dresses, off the shoulder tops, short fur jackets, and open shoes. Until I have a place to wear my new pieces (this and this), I will be comforted every time I see them hanging patiently in my closet for their sunny day.

Tags: Fall 2016 / Fendi / karl lagerfeld / Paris / Resort 2017 / Shopping

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