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What’s your greatest accomplishment?


I love this photo of Wilhelmina and I so much I had to share in this unusually personal post. I was interviewed recently and I was asked to describe my greatest accomplishment to date. It’s evident by the mountain of content I have written here over the past few years that I love the blog. I’m very proud of the commitment I’ve made to exposing the stories of those in and around the industry, in an honest and, sanguinely captivating manner. And as the blog has grown, I hope you have noticed the layers I’ve added. When I became a mother nearly 3 1/2 years ago I had no idea to what extent it would rock my identity. Even less how it would impact my perspective and eventually my writing life. The first answer that came to mind when faced with this accomplishment question was: my family. And for fear of sounding cliché I wanted it to be something else. I’m a modern woman, of course. A feminist. And I have fought hard (mostly, internally) to let the world know this work here, the blog, is important. Not important in the same way medicine or science is important, but important to me. And hopefully meaningful to you, reader.

But here I am, and in my heart of hearts, one-half of my greatest accomplishment to date is snuggling me in the picture above. The other-half is around, but harder to pin down these days for a photo. I am the truest form of myself when I’m mothering, and while it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, it’s the most joyful experience I’ve had so far.

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