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Unzipped: How to.. Take charge in modern suiting


Modern workwear has been getting a major reboot over the last few seasons, especially in the women’s department. Suiting silhouettes are becoming more oversized with wider cuts while styles are available in an array of colors and prints. Gone are the days of shapeless pant suits in washed out tones, get excited.

For Fall 2017, several designers are continuing this sense of reworked nostalgia while pulling from trends of decades past. One of my favorites of the season that falls within that category is Jacquemus. Aside from my love of all things Parisian, the brand has managed to capture the chic sensibility we’ve been searching for with tailoring details like nips, ruches, and corseting that add sculptural shape and volume. Simon conveys the basics of suiting by building upon the core of coordinating jackets and bottoms while most importantly fitting to flatter. And then there’s the Alexander Wang experience, through which he never ceases to embody the infectious cool of the New York City spirit. This season that was translated through a virtually monochromatic collection of sleek separates. Oversized blazers and jackets were layered over skinny bottoms for sleep daytime looks that are anything but overworked.

When looking at what’s available in stores, there’s quite a selection if you’re looking to really update your approach to suiting. Play around with proportions in tweed sets from Raey with elongated hems and wide pleats. Or, explore the Ellery ruffle-trimmed jacket and pleated bottoms that make a stunning statement in all black. Browse through contemporary separates like checkered pieces from Gabriela Hearst, Marques’ Almeida and Stella Jean. I’m convinced that plaid is and always will be a autumnal mainstay. And for those of us who prefer to stay on the brighter side of the color spectrum, have a look at pastel picks like wide-legs from Joseph and Toga’s belted jacket.

Since women in the workplace has been a major topic of conversation across various platforms now more than ever, it seems that this new suiting trend is rather fitting. And while the national headlines have been both good and bad, I can appreciate the fashion industry mirroring this theme as a sign of the times. I mean, how could you not be sold on new styles of suiting after seeing this Vogue.com video of supermodels dancing around the NY office lip synching to “9 to 5” in impeccably styled suits?


Brands we love: Joseph “Alta” Split-waist Wide-leg Trousers, Jacquemus “Le Grand Pantalon” Striped-wool Trousers, Stella Jean Checked High-rise Trousers, Ellery “Gold Band” Ruffle-trimmed Jacket, Ellery “Kool Aid” Pleated Trousers, Marques’ Almeida Checked Double-breasted Blazer, Natasha Zinko High-rise Tweed Trousers, Gabriela Hearst “Angela” Checked Wool Blazer, Raey Oversized Wool-tweed Blazer + Wide-leg Trousers, Toga “Moire” Double-breasted Jacket, Isabel Marant “Miller” Checked Wool Blazer, Joseph “Solar” Twill Wide-leg Pants


By Ariel Serano

Tags: Alexander Wang / Fall 2017 / Jacquemus / retail / runway / suiting

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