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Unzipped: How to.. ditch your boring beach bag


Vacation shopping is well underway and in case you forgot, sales are here, there and everywhere. While bikinis and clever cover-ups usually take precedence, I was inspired to shift my attention to beach bags that were slightly unconventional in the best possible way. By experimenting with texture and shape, designers are finding creative new methods of functionality. Who needs ordinary anyway?

Balenciaga has exploded on the scene dictating trend after trend, so why should accessories be any different? Their striped “Bazar” market bags really help personify the atypical beach bag idea: large enough to contain all of the essentials but chic and durable enough to withstand an adventure or two. But you also have greats like Marni and Fendi who have taken their stab at textured handbags. For Marni, the concept was breathing life into the ever present canvas tote by super-sizing it. Perfect to fit all of your beachside goodies. But since a little size variation is always good, Fendi transferred their current wave pattern to crocheted shoulder bags for a boho spin that I can fully appreciate. Maybe it’s a beach wedding, or a poolside brunch, either way it’s always nice to have options.

The avant-garde beach bag of your dreams really depends on your swim season needs. For tote sized carry-alls, Sensi Studio and Muun have lively options that will fit all of your sunny day accessories and the refreshments too. And what better time to give basket bags their moment than with bold stripes from Sophie Anderson and Rosie Assoulin. Wicker weaves are a summer must-have and there are limitless styles from which to choose. So, may I also introduce you to the wonderful Muzungu Sisters. Their handwoven “Fique Mochila” jug bag is the perfectly lightweight and packable. Not to mention, bucket bags have become THE silhouette to have. In which case, the “Thembi” drawstring basket bag from Khokho might also be the perfect add-on.

Vacation shopping may not be something we spend a ton of time thinking about, totally understandable. So why not invest in pieces that can transition from sea and sand to concrete jungle? Let boring beach bags be a thing of the past!


Brands we love: Muun “Gilbert” Mini Textured-leather Tote, Sophie Anderson “Cinto” Striped Wicker Basket Bag, Khokho “Thembi” Drawstring-top Basket Bag, Sensi Studio Tribal Toquilla-straw Tote, Antonello Tedde “Suni” Cross-body Bag, Muzungu Sisters “Fique Mochila” Pompom Shoulder Bag, Marni Striped Canvas Tote, Balenciaga “Bazar” Small Leather Tote, Rosie Assoulin Striped Jug Shoulder Bag, Fendi Baguette Wave Raffia Cross-body Bag


By Ariel Serano

Tags: Basket bag / Beach bag / retail / runway / Shopping / summer

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