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Image courtesy Trish Wescoat Pound

Trish Wescoat Pound


Global nomad, fashion designer, business entreprenuer, uber chic mother, creative spirit, risk taker, rock n roll bohemian from Oklahoma, and leader of the Haute Hippie tribe Trish Wescoat Pound opened up to Exposed Zippers about her career, journey and inspirations.


Your ‘Have No Fear’ sweatshirt seems to summarize your approach to style. Do you agree with this?

All of our sayings, for the most part, have meaning. As Paulo Coelho said in the Alchemist, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Fortunately, everything I have is in this business, my creativity and my money, so failure is simply not an option! It is more about accepting, but not giving into your fears than it is ‘Having No Fear’.

Haute Hippie is setting trends. How do you stay ahead of the curve each season?

I do not know– truthfully! We do not think about it. We follow our aesthetic and design for our customers. We trust our intuitions. We create!!

What was challenging about launching your own company/brand?

The most obvious, taking all the money I had in the bank and a personal guarantee on my apartment. I gave myself 6 months. It was a huge risk and I had no safety net. Failure not being an option was a very good thing. The other good thing was questioning myself, my ability to do it. You really have to trust yourself. It does not mean that you don’t listen to others, you can learn a great deal, but at the end of the day you have to trust your instincts.

How do you juggle design/creativity with business responsibilities/running the company?

It is the hardest thing I do. Going from one side of my brain to the other is exhausting but exhilarating. It is even more difficult all day long, minute to minute. Watching yourself do it is like a watching a game of ping pong. I need my creative time, my space, and quiet time. I need to travel. It all inspires me.

What do you think best describes the Haute Hippie tribe?

Eclectic, free spirited; dances to the beat of her own drum; unconventional, incurable sense of wanderlust; inspired, inspiring and interesting; the woman you want to sit next to at a dinner party; authentic; confident in her clothes and comfortable in her own skin; Super Cool.

How does the “Robo” or rock n roll woman play into your bohemian lifestyle?

Rock n Roll Bohemian is a phrase we coined in the beginning to define our style. It is a lifestyle we share with our customers. Rock n Roll influences fashion, art, film and our design. It adds a sexy edge and it is this juxtaposition that gives Haute Hippie its distinct point of view.

What is the vibe of the Haute Hippie stores?

Stepping into our stores, the bohemian atmosphere is nothing short of inviting, chic, diverse, and classy, while still encompassing a rustic, relaxed, and homey vibe. These are all aspects of our company that I take pride in, and most importantly, that are the Haute Hippie design ethos and lifestyle.

What is your travel style and how does it play into the brand?

My travel style is comfortable, while still having effortless sophistication. I want women to be able to wear Haute Hippie traveling on a plane, straight to the beach, and then throw on some accessories and still look chic for a night out. I base my designs on the idea that they can be worn in multiple ways for multiple occasions.

What are your packing secrets for a weekend getaway?

Pick one key item and build your outfits around that item – everything should be able to work back to it. Everything you pack should take you from day to night.

If you were stranded on the beach what would be your 3 must-have fashion items?

Day to night essentials: Aviator sunglasses, Haute Hippie poncho, my timeless, iconic TWP wrap dress.

What’s next for Haute Hippie?

We are always evolving.  Both accessories and red carpet dresses/gowns are two things we are passionate about and have always wanted to develop further.

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