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Photo courtesy Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein



Timo Weiland was launched in 2010 by Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. Known for their graphic prints, the brand was chosen for the CFDA Fashion Incubator and held their first runway show in September.


Timo Weiland is both of you, so why did you guys choose to use Timo’s name for your label? What is the division of labor between the two of you?

Timo started the company, then asked Alan to be a part of it, which began the collaboration and business partnership.
All responsibilities are divided and everything is co-designed. Timo is Creative Director, Alan is Design Director.

What can we expect for Fashion Week, coming up?

New finishing and printing techniques, textures that we have never used before, and a wider range of looks, because it will be our first runway show at Lincoln Center, plus stores have requested more deliveries from us. Our inspirations are coming from local New York architecture, from the lives of local artists such as Basquiat and David Byrne.

How did you come to show your first resort collection in Singapore? Do you have a strong customer base overseas?

We were invited to show for Singapore Fashion Week, which was our first Cruise-Resort collection. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we opened several new accounts in the region. Asia is our second largest market.

Who is your muse?

Our muse is a collective made up of our friends and acquaintances in New York. We feel very proud to be from here, which shows in the clothes.

Timo Weiland started with some accessories. Are there plans to add more accessories for the womenswear collection?

Yes, this is definitely the plan: to start with handbags, then move to shoes, neckwear, eyewear, home, etc. All in the near future, hopefully!

Any plans to collaborate with other ready-to-wear designers? You’ve had your prints on Ipad cases, Albertus Swanepoel hats and Anna Sheffield jewelry. What’s to come?

We are not collaborating with other RTW designers, but definitely accessories designers and capsule collections for larger companies such as TopMan, which will be coming out in one month.

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