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To get in on the hottest trend of the summer: bike shorts. I know, I know, what a Kardashian-driven trend, but it was Princess Diana who was regularly spotted out and about in a variety of colored bike shorts. And here we are decades later and her style choices continue to make people feel good about rocking stretchy bottoms beyond the gym. As we remain firmly planted in all things athleisure it really was only a matter of time until we found a way to wear leggings during the scorching summer months anyway. With that being said, I’ve tried a few pairs of “bike shorts” and a few pairs of well, bike shorts, and my conclusion is that the real bike shorts are the best option. I’ve tried Year of Ours (size up, they run very small), Burberry (pricey), Nina Ricci (cool, but lace), and I found I love the Burn Short from Alo Yoga. The length is great; not too long, and not hot pants short. The compression is comfortable and the fabric is thick and concealing without feeling heavy. And they’re $50. My Ala├»a pair is one of my favorites but prohibitively expensive so I rarely wear for fear of ruining.

To make this trend work you must keep something about your outfit non-athleisure. I repeat, unless you are actually working out (good for you) fashion up your bike shorts. I love them with a Victorian inpsired top or a striped linen tee. An oversized sweatshirt pairs well with bike shorts too but unless you’re doubling down on the trends and wearing Dad sneakers I would go more feminine with the footwear. I just bought these and am hoping they will fulfill the throw on and go look I want to achieve. Anything a little over the top will work though. This trend is one I really endorse because it’s not a huge investment, it’s functional, and very comfy.

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