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You’ve seen this video right? It’s mocking women who wear their workout gear 24/7. But why not? With the loads of options for cute workout leggings and matching tops, who wouldn’t? All joking aside, women really do wear this gear all the time, but why? Aside from the fact it is easy to workout, do a school run, some writing, and maybe a meeting in the same pair of pants, I do feel a little silly when pressed to actually think about it. Why is it any harder to pull on a pair of leather pants with this sweatshirt and head out? It’s got to be full on workout leggings. For me, on constant rotation are Alo and Lululemon leggings. I wear them with Proenza sweaters, Tome shirtdresses, Isabel Marant blouses – and will even throw on a heel. And I’m not alone. I hate jersey leggings, like the non-workout leggings leggings. Won’t wear them. Recently, the model set: Gigi, Kendal, and Hailey Baldwin have all been photographed not working out in their “workout” gear. Cute tops with their Under Armour and Nike pants.

Chloé‘s entire SS16 was rooted in this juxtaposition. A track jacket over a classic Chloé dress. Track pants with an off the shoulder top. Even looks without an obvious sporty theme were styled with flat shoes to keep the comfort theme alive. This sort of dressing isn’t easy to pull off; the contemporary twist must exist either on top or bottom. I’m not advocating head-to-toe track suit. I feel it’s the ultimate effortless look. I can imagine the Queen of Effortless Dressing, Kate Moss, pulling off a pair of track pants and a lacy blouse, and heading out.

High on my list Spring wish list are these pants. I will wear them with this shirt and these sandals. Spring’s track pants will be winter’s leggings!

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