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The holiday gift guide for your best friend


Who is your best friend? Your mom, your partner, your sister, your oldest girlfriend? One of my very best friends was my first college roommate, Anna, and this fact will age me, but we met freshmen year when we were paired together, 14 years ago. Hard to believe we have celebrated birthdays, reunions, babies, and weddings together – and also many holiday seasons – for so long! Anna is a renowned gift giver, seriously, my all-time favorite gifts always come from her. For my birthday this year, she packed all my goodies, potato vodka, lavender salve, sage, wool socks, into this gorgeous black leather tote. So, Anna, all of these gift ideas are with you in mind, my thoughtful, gracious, conscientious, lovely friend.

 Ilia tinted lip conditioner

Arlotta by Chris Arlotta cashmere robe

Wolford stretch-jersey bodysuit

Olivia von Halle silk pajamas

Spinelli Kilcollin x goop stacking ring

Coqui Coqui Rosas Frescas candle

Fornasetti “Face in Star” plate

Ace & Jig kimono jacket

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

Madeleine Thompson colorblock cashmere wrap

The Glass of Fashion by Cecil Beaton

Clyde pinch hat

Connor emoji stationery

Brother Vellies shearling shoe

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