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The deep V


A plunging neckline is alluring—the collar cuts deep past your clavicle and comes together just at the center of a woman’s breasts. In a non-traditional material, like the knit top from Araks SS15 Looks 2 and 4, it can be unexpectedly sexy. I’m not talking about the V-neck sweaters sported by schoolgirls everywhere, but a true, deep V. In the case of Araks, the neckline is just slightly deeper than the average V-neck sweater, but the strip of contrasting color around the collar accentuates the arrow that is pointing south towards the chest. If sexiness is not about being overtly so but faintly hinting at it, this is definitely a subtle a hint as it gets. Too cold for exposed collarbones? Wear the sweater over a white collared blouse. Though more understated, the V will have the same effect, making people wonder what lies below.

Can’t wait for Spring? Here are a few options available now:

Totême cashmere vest

Bella Freud metallic trimmed sweater  

Equipment cashmere embellished sweater

Jonathan Saunders wool sweater

Banjo and Matilda oversize cashmere sweater

Madison Shimoda and Ashley Wu

Tags: cashmere / Knitwear / Style / womenswear

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