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If you read the transcript of Kanye West introducing his collection in collaboration with Adidas, you will see it seems he just wants a fair shot. I mean, any new designer, showing for the first time at NYFW, deserves this right? Maybe, except if you’re Kanye West.

Almost a week ago, Kanye West interrupted Beck accepting his Grammy for Album of the Year by almost interrupting him. Reminding everyone of this infamous moment with Taylor Swift a few years ago. Whether it was a joke or not remains unconfirmed, but West’s rant later on in the night and the next day on Twitter claiming Beyoncé deserved the award more than Beck due to her superior artistry, implies it was not. (Also, since when does Beyoncé need someone speaking for her? She’s an Independent Woman who can fight her own battles.) For the record, I’m no music critic, I have no idea who actually had the Album of the Year.

Now, I’ve read multiple reviews of the show and performance, but thus far, no one has mentioned the irony that exists between West’s rant about Beck and his NYFW debut. How is it possible the same guy who went on a massive rant against Beck introduces his latest creative endeavor in part as a response to negative comments when in another arena, HE’S the one making the negative comments. With this intro West is asking without asking for acceptance from the fashion industry as a designer. He wants to be judged (and hopefully succeed at) based on his creativity and craftsmanship, alongside other experienced and credentialed designers, for producing a collection aiming to simplify the entire process of getting dressed. Isn’t this a similar set of criteria he’s claiming Beck didn’t deserve (much less win an award for), albeit in another industry?

For lack of a more articulate sentiment, it feels shitty to be asked to support an artist when said artist attacks and deems unworthy another artist’s creativity. He may not agree with Beck’s award or the material or like Beck in general, but does that give him the right to challenge Beck’s attempt at “cracking the pavement, making new grounds,” because he simply didn’t agree and wanted his friend to win the award? In my opinion this defines Kanye West far more than his attempt at a “solutions-based” clothing line.

If you want an actual review of Kanye West’s collection, I like this one and this one. But I found the women’s pieces largely reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s affinity lately for Margiela bodysuits and nude Alaïa leggings. Just sayin’.


Ashley Wu

Image via Vogue

Tags: fashion / Grammys / Kardashians / NYFW / sportswear / Style

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