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I am all about finding cool pieces in unexpected places. It also cuts down on the likelihood of someone having the same thing. Whether it’s searching for CP Shades tunics on Amazon or sifting through the many, many tops on Tienda Ho’s website, a good find is a good find. I’m often credited in discovering unique pieces for myself and my son, and much to am a huge believer in shopping 24/7, because you just never know what may present itself.

I try to apply this skill (?) to trends that pop up each season. You will rarely find me in something that is so outright trendy because every fashion insider knows, especially in this current fashion calendar, as soon as it’s “IN” it’s on it’s way “OUT” – and this sort of shopping just isn’t economical.

For example, the slip dress. Every brand has a version right now from Balenciaga to Equipment to Burberry to Alexander Wang. And while only truly flattering on very few, every trend-driven fashionista will be wearing the slip dress. That being said, if you’re so inclined to indulge in this trend, my recommendation is to shop the root of the slip dress. You know who always has a “slip dress”? Lingerie brands. And rightfully so as this trend is lingerie-inspired. Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Eres, Calvin Klein Collection have a vast selection of silky and lace chemises available all the time…in another department. Fabric and construction are more than comparable and indistinguishable from ready-to-wear brands without the expertise. Obviously some are legit nightdresses, but more than not most are totally out-of-the-bedroom appropriate.

Fleur du Mal satin slip

Calvin Klein Collection

Carine Gilson nightdress

Eres silk nightdress

Olivia von Halle nightdress

LFrank by Liseanne Franfurt Juno slip

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