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The sales that last forever


I have been getting emails for days with subject lines like “CLEARANCE Last Call” and “Final Markdowns” and “This is it! 25% off online order” and I won’t lie, they’re kinda stressing me out. Even though Spring sales have been going on since late May, (nearly two months!) and I have gone through all the sites, when I receive one of these emails I can’t help but take one more scroll through the endless pages of product. Don’t get me wrong when items were 30% off I made a mental list of things I may consider if they were 50-60-70% off and now they are and I still can’t commit. I think all the emails and the FOMO and anxiety that comes with ‘on-sale’ items at risk of selling out are forcing me to not buy anything. Maybe it’s time though, maybe I’ve made too many impulsive purchases (I know I have) and I’ve finally reached a breaking point. TOO MUCH STUFF. Part of me truly truly wants to subscribe to the less stuff lifestyle, but it’s so hard when looking at product is literally your job. And dressing the part is part of the part. But honestly, so much stuff piling up in my closets, on my windowsill, and chairs, some in unopened boxes makes me feel bad about myself. Just because it’s on sale (forever) doesn’t mean I need it any more than full price. If I paid full price for everything I would probably be more thoughtful about my purchases. Maybe I should stop shopping sales in order to consume less stuff. Ok, challenge accepted. Maybe after I buy this Isa Arfen dress though…?

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