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Refining Selena Gomez’s style


A couple months ago, I wrote this piece on Jennifer Lawrence’s new look. I think her goal was to appear more polished and sophisticated and introduce a more feminine appeal to her sometimes in-your-face personality. As I mentioned in the post, I wasn’t a fan of the overtly sexy looks she was sporting. Selena Gomez, former Disney teen queen on the other hand, is a different story. She hired the right stylist to take her look to a new level: Kate Young. Young has been around the industry for years and is a highly, highly accomplished stylist. She’s been dressing Natalie Portman (when I worked in PR she would regularly pull Rodarte for Natalie), Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz, among others. All of the women are routinely on Best Dressed lists. When Gomez started stepping out earlier this year in J. W. Anderson, Kenzo, Atea Oceanie, David Koma, Michael Kors – it didn’t take long to notice she was getting a helping hand from someone who gets it. In December Vogue, Young said this of Gomez, “I think it’s her youthful spirit which is what makes her open to fashion-forward concepts.” Gomez is 23 and stepping out into her own. “The clothes are effortless, and there’s a lot of American sportswear influence.”

Young understands her clients. It’s as if she sees beyond them and is able to pull a look together that says more about the woman than she is able to say about herself in that moment. Celebrities act coy and most don’t say exactly exactly what they’re thinking – so clothes are their way to communicate how they feel. And Young really does this; she sets the tone. Most actresses look beautiful on the red carpet, but too often, pretty dresses appear generic, and don’t make you feel anything. Maybe it’s also about a lack of true personal style as most of Young’s clients are well known off the carpet too. Gomez has had a lot to promote this year from performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and a new album to a life without Justin Beiber. I wouldn’t be surprised if an internal evolution is occurring alongside the external. Young and Gomez have used the many appearances she’s had to demonstrate her new dynamic, yet clean, unfussy and modern look.

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