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Paris Fashion Week: SS17


This past weekend was pure gold for fashion lovers. The major designers showed up in a real way, and I’m working on a PFW roundup to give you the best looks. For now though, I want to tease you with JW Anderson’s Loewe collection. As soon as I saw the dress shapes I knew it was going to be good. Anderson’s ability to imagine what the non-conventional, complicated woman wants to wear is as surprising as it is accurate. Because he’s right: I want to wear spherical-shaped, calf-length grazing dresses with balloon sleeves. And the raw edged, patchworked dresses too. They’re modern and functional. I’m always drawn to the less fussy looks, but can appreciate is eye and hand for space within and around a garment. One thing that usually drives me crazy is lengths on dresses, skirts, and pants. I, for one, am not being shuttled around in private car from meeting to meeting, thus unable to indulge in miles-long silks and wools trailing behind me, therefore my hemlines have to work for this lifestyle. Because Anderson is able to keep shapes interesting he doesn’t have to give the illusion of a woman who need not consider these design elements in order to live their very full lives.

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