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Fashion Week

NYFW SS18: Some thoughts


Quickly following the end of summer is New York Fashion Week. And this year is no different, except that it is. Technically, NYFW started yesterday, but my inbox was flooded with events starting Wednesday morning. Maybe this was fashion week’s response to the CFDA’s shortening the calendar last season with Marc Jacobs closing the week on Wednesday evening instead of Thursday. Regardless something feels quieter about this season. We knew Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Thom Browne left the calendar for Paris, but designers like Mara Hoffman and Nicholas K have opted out of the week’s events and are releasing new collections online. And in my opinion more designers should. I now we’re only two days into the week and I might be eating my words by next Wednesday, but it’s a gamble I’m willing to make.

There’s a certain self-awareness I respect about designers who are not Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs who have ditched runway shows for presentations or presenting altogether. I understand shows now are about everything else but the clothes, and they just feel so self-indulgent. Maybe I’m feeling this way because I have a 3-month old and I’m tired and hauling ass back and forth from my apartment to breastfeed to Skylight for shows just feels like work. It’s also fully possible other news around the world is making NYFW feel totally irrelevant. Or maybe the pendulum of fashion spectacles has finally swung too far and another presentation showing mediocre clothes is really over. Over the summer I had coffee with a very influential digital talent and this was our topic of conversation: when will things feel special again? I know, I know I sound grumpy, and don’t worry my love of fashion and shopping remains fully in tact, but maybe I’ve peaked at attending shows? Is this the fashion equivalent to having lots of lots of sex and then waking up one day and realizing you’re ready to meet The One?

To be continued…

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