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It’s not too late to buy your mama something great


For this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide I’m going quality of quantity. The only item on my list is one of the covetable CVC Stones pebble and diamond necklaces. I think they are the perfect piece to add a little subtle glam to your neck game while still feeling understated. I also feel like this necklace is a niceĀ  kickstart to sunnier days. Something about the stone and diamond combo feels warm like the summer. Some of the stones are BIG, but I like something a tad smaller so I can wear it all the time. I’m one of those weirdo (not weirdo) types that doesn’t like to change out my jewelry.

I have two of these dresses already, and when I’m pressed for time and need something reliable fast, I always reach for my Natalie Martin Fiore dress. The maxi style is wearable and versatile. The silk version can be dressed up or worn to the park. I wore both pregnant, and one of them home from the hospital after I had Wilhelmina. The v-neck is universally flattering and you can unbutton it to your comfort level. If you unbutton it far enough you can easily breastfeed. Add a pair of heels, this dress will take you to dinner. And it’s comfy. AND Busy Phillips is seen wearing it regularly in her Instagram Stories. How many dresses do you have that checks all of these boxes? The only problem? It’s sold out in many places. (Here‘s the short version too.)

That’s it. Two gift ideas this year. Keep it simple, yet elegant and meaningful. Give her something that says ‘I love you’ and you deserve this. Mamas do it all, we hold it down, keep you fed, and love the shit out our little ones.

Image via Barneys

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