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New Datura collection


One of the best things about your close friend having her own fashion line is a sneak peak at the collection. Mallorca native Stefania Borras is the founding designer of the online-only, womenswear brand Datura – the most chic, cool girl brand that currently exists. And I’m not exaggerating; have a look at her Members Style blog and see all the women, most are friends of the brand and actual customers, featured in their homes or studios wearing Datura. Borras, now based in New York, does not follow the traditional fashion calendar – she releases mini capsules throughout the year and the collections are meant to build upon each other to create the ultimate timeless wardrobe. The Grand Tour is the latest collection from the brand and features new colorways on previous, sold out pieces, and new styles. Satin and charmeuse are new fabrics for Borras and they add another dimension to the brand’s signature crepe de chine and linen favorites. The orchid pink, blue moon, ruby red, and gold amber styles are versatile; rich and vibrant in color without being fussy at all, much like Borras herself.

Tags: direct to consumer / fashion designer / Made in New York / Style / Williamsburg / womenswear

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