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LoveShackFancy is exactly what you want it to be


Loveshackfancy is one of those brands that is so California it doesn’t make sense to wear anywhere else. Ironically, the brand is based here in New York City. Skin-bearing, youthful, and vacation-approved are other descriptions that come to mind. The brand boasts it’s beach-to-dinner lifestyle – wherever you are in the world. My familiarity with Loveshackfancy was minimal, and I thought it was more beach chic than anything else. At least this is what I thought until I came across this dress while browsing Shopbop the other day. It still checks the above mentioned boxes, but it feels way more sophisticated. A quick tour of Loveshackfancy’s website and the Love Shack life became very appealing. So many dresses in all their boho glory! But refined and elegant enough to want to wear anywhere but the beach. I don’t want wet sand stuck in my vintage-inspired white eyelet!

Tags: Shopping / Style / womenswear

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