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Leather pants


As temperatures dip, people generally act in one of two ways: flat out deny that it’s getting colder and continue to wear summer clothes or completely disregard style and bundle up in items your summer self would never have imagined wearing like the fleece vest (all’s fair in cold weather?). The truth is, it’s not quite cold enough to excuse reckless abandonment but it’s the perfect time to bring out a few cold weather pieces waiting to be taken out of storage. Before you bust out your floor-length shearling coat—chic, but we’re not quite there yet—consider leather pants.

Recently, a friend mentioned that leather pants are “one of those things you buy impulsively but you never really find an occasion to wear.” I say, trust your impulse! And, you’re looking at it all wrong if you think there isn’t a right occasion to wear them. The leather pant is versatile and can be dressed up or down. I know everyone says that about everything (no matter what they say, jeans are inappropriate at a formal dinner, even if they are black), but it’s actually true for the leather pants. Pair black leather pants with a t-shirt, your outfit is biker chic, and paired with a crisp button down, your outfit is court date appropriate.  The very definition of versatility. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can even go for colored leather. When done right, red leather looks particularly luxurious, as seen in Look 9 of J.W. Anderson’s SS15 collection. If you don’t have leather pants, black or otherwise, hidden in your closet, it might be time to invest. I’m wearing mine to my next business meeting.

Can’t wait for Spring – try these beauties available now:

J Brand leather pant

Proenza Schouler leather culottes

Isabel Marant leather pant

Adam Lippes wide leg leather pant

Madison Shimoda

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