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Kyle Anderson is the Accessories Director at Marie Claire, and previously spent six years at ELLE. His “What I Bought!” column is one of the most popular features in The Daily Front Row, and he’s also a prolific blogger at KyleEditor.com.


Have you had a chance to decompress from Fashion Weeks around the world?

Not yet but hopefully soon. I’m not a really great traveler. I’m more of a homebody. It was 3 weeks in Europe and I think it was the longest I’ve ever been gone except for studying abroad.

Were there any shows that really blew you away this season?

I always love Balmain. This season in particular I think the needlepoint and pearls on leather was a really interesting idea. Sort of over-the-top glamour but on something basic like an oversized leather vest. I also liked Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana. I almost cried at Dolce & Gabbana it was so beautiful, but then again I was severely jet lagged.

Any new accessory collections to keep an eye on?

For designers I think Dolce & Gabbana has the biggest assortment of amazing trends to work with. Their accessories showroom in Milan has thousands of samples of bags, shoes, jewelry, etc., and so many different themes from fur to velvet, brocade, lace, pearls, jewels, needlepoint, animal prints and tons of colors and styles. I love Elise Dray Jewelry which I saw at Montaigne Market in Paris, also Lydia Courteille and I’m obsessed with Repossi..I’m very into those long finger rings or armor rings. Ones that look like metal lice, or vines or snakes covered in diamonds.

You’re a favorite of street style photographers. Was there a day you hoped you would be shot? What were you wearing?

Well one day I wore my Jeremy Scott teddy bear sneakers in New York, that got a big reaction. Also when I wore my new Givenchy sharks tooth that I bought in Paris. I haven’t seen anyone yet with one, and a lot of people loved that. Oh, definitely the Prada jeweled golf shoes got a LOT of reaction in Europe.

You have worked on projects with Andrej Pejic, known for being an adrogynous model. How did you first meet? Do you prefer styling him in menswear or womens?

I styled Andrej for the cover of the UK publication SCHON! and also for some red carpet events in New York. I’ve known Andrej for a year, since the first time he came to New York for work. It was just after he had done the JPG couture show. He’s my friend but I’m also in awe of him. I think he is the most beautiful person in the world. I like mixing mens and womens elements in all of my styling and when I styled him for a photoshoot, I put him in ‘mens-inspired womens clothes’ mostly: blazers, pants, some were men’s blazers but with womens trousers. Sexy and cool.

Were you at shows he walked in this season?

Yeah, I saw him last week at the Jean-Paul Gaultier ready-to-wear in paris. I have really bad vision so I emailed him ‘Was that you?” He’s like “Yup. Haha.” Sometimes I see girls on the runway who are top models with long blond hair and I’m like, “Is that Andrej!?” He definitely has the look every girl wants and everyone in fashion wants to either dress or photograph.

You’ve recently moved from Elle to Marie Claire. How is the tone of the two magazines different? How has your content changed?

For me there is no change. I shoot things that I like. I don’t look for expensive things and I don’t look for cheap things. I like black, I like sexy, I like things that look like a million bucks. I love Repossi, Givenchy, Balmain, and Alaia but I also love Bebe, Guess, Jessica Simpson and CC Skye. I think all of these brands have amazing accessories and I don’t care the about price, I just shoot cool stuff.

This is your second time at Marie Claire — what made you go back?

I was an intern here about 10 years ago long before I ever worked at Elle. There isn’t anyone here who worked at Marie Claire at the time. I came back because of the opportunity to do new things and do more things on my own and put my own stamp on the look of a magazine, and to work with Nina Garcia who has been a mentor to me since I started working for her at ELLE seven years ago. She is an amazing boss: creative, talented and has the best taste of anyone I’ve ever met.

One can follow your personal style on kyleeditor.com. How do you find time to blog in addition to writing and running on market appointments?

Haha. These days I haven’t been updating much but im still active on Twitter @KyleEditor and it’s nice to have all of my followers with me on appointments. It’s fun.

Do you have a favorite accessory?

I always wear my Rolex everyday. I don’t wear jewelry often. I like my Prada golf shoes right now and Givenchy necklace but that will change very soon as they are just things I’m wearing for this season. Next season we’ll be on to something new!

What do you think every woman should be searching for right now?

We are shooting Fall 2012 now. For me, it’s all about sexy tall boots in black python with bondage laces on them. Black fur, gold metallic evening bags, pearl trim accessories, black velvet accessories, doctor bags and the classic black ladybag reinvented in new ways which you will see all of these things in the coming months in Marie Claire.

How do you encourage woman to keep their collection unique with “It bags” being so popular now?

For me I never care what other people do or wear. Typically if everyone is obsessed with one bag I won’t like it. I’ll go out of my way to find something else. I think people shouldn’t follow trends. They should be inspired and do their own thing. Or buy a bag they love and incorporate it into their personal style. It bags last 5 minutes. I’d rather invest in a black bag from LV, Hermes, Chanel, or Dior in a classic shape and wear it to death with tons of different looks. I love the Birkin, the Chanel 2.55, and the LadyDior all in black. Obsessed with them all and always will be. They are the classics everyone should buy.

You’re probably one of the most read columns in the Daily. How did you come to do that?

They just asked me and I said yes. I think its fun for people to be a voyeur and see what people do,w here they go, what they buy…im ok with that. I love reality tv so I guess its like reality….blogging for people who love shopping and are interested in what editors buy.

Seeing so many great collections, do you harbor any desire to design? if so what would it be?

If anything it would be only accessories or maybe jewelry. I think im better at maybe working with a company and giving them ideas as to what my favorite things are rather than ‘designing’. I’m very interested in fine jewelry so that could be something I’d like to work on someday.

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