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Image courtesy Jason and Laura O’Dell

Jason and Laura O’Dell


LA-based, husband and wife team Jason and Laura O’Dell met in 2001, and now 16 years later, together the couple has built a mini empire from their last name, THE ODELLS. Firstly, their children together, who largely inspired the children’s wear line launching this Spring to accompany the print-heavy women’s and men’s line that already exists. They also run a multi-label boutique currently named, Bucks and Does (name change will occur in April 2017) in Silverlake. Laura had been designing long before she met Jason, and it makes sense that she oversees the design portion of THE ODELLS while Jason handles the business operations and production. To say the O’Dells are creative is an understatement as they begin to develop the interiors arm of THE ODELLS.


What’s the best part about working together? Biggest challenge?

The fact that we get to interact with one another on a creative level. I’m appreciative of how we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and it’s great. The biggest challenge is coordinating our schedules and figuring out who picks the kids up from school.

How do you divide the responsibilities around the office?

It’s pretty clear and we’re lucky that the lines don’t get blurred. I (Laura) handle all things design related and Jason deals with the business side as well as running production.

Not only do you have your shop Bucks & Does, but a label called THE ODELLS as well. How did that come about?

THE ODELLS was started in 2013 right around the same time we opened Bucks & Does. As we weren’t sure of what the response of the line would be, we named the store something completely different. We’ve had such great success with THE ODELLS as a brand over the past 4 years, and that is why the store is undergoing an expansion and name change. By April of this year, it will be re-named THE ODELLS. Same brands, same family, just bigger and more in-line with what we feel is our design vibe for THE ODELLS. The embodiment of California cool.

Where do you find the inspiration behind your prints?

I love looking to nature and oftentimes draw inspiration from our family camping and road trips.

How did your interior design element of the brand begin to develop?

It developed pretty organically. Since we are known for our prints, it was a natural progression for us.

Did you ever envision expanding as quickly as you have?

We didn’t. Life happens unexpectedly sometimes and that’s what makes it fun. We feel blessed to have had success with our brand and our store over the years.

Your businesses are so multifaceted. Do you work with a large team?

Our team is comprised of 10 awesome individuals. We are all one family and work as a team which is the best part of this job.

Does being based in California play a large role in your design aesthetic?

Absolutely. I was born and raised in LA so in a sense it’s what I know. And I never design anything I wouldn’t wear myself.

Any interest in bringing Bucks & Does to the East Coast?

We’ve thought about it, but now that we are undergoing an expansion and name change, we are holding off on opening more stores for at least a few years.

THE ODELLS is a very wearable brand. How do you maintain that ease of fit?

I love comfort and am a big fan of looking chic while still being comfortable. I’m not the type of gal who wears heels in the afternoon but I love dressing up for dinner so everything is designed with the intention of being able to wear with sneakers in the day and heeled boots or pumps at night with a smooth transition.

How would you describe the Spring 2017 color palette?

It’s a mix of subtle neutrals with pops of sun-washed brights like pomme and mustard. Every color can be taken back to denim which is key for me – I’m a big denim fan.

What are you most looking forward to with the launch of your intimates and children’s wear collections this Spring?

I can’t wait to see my kids wearing mini versions of what I do in the main line. I think moms and dads will love the casual sensibility mixed with all of our fun prints and dye treatments.

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