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Photo Courtesy Jacquelyn Jablonski



A native of New Jersey, Jacquelyn Jablonski signed with Ford Models in 2007 at age 15. Since then she has walked in nearly every major runway show in New York, Milan and Paris, and appeared in editorials for W, Vogue, V, Harper’s Bazaar, and Dazed & Confused. Her campaigns include Hermes, Tommy Hilfiger, and Celine.


How many shows did you walk in for the Fall 2012 season in February? Your personal record is 74 shows in one season, correct?

I’m not sure, I didn’t keep track for this season, but definitely not 74 like that one season! That was my second season of shows and although I was very excited, I was beyond exhausted.

How do you relax after it all ends?

If I can, I will go to New Jersey for a few days to get away from the crazy city atmosphere and of course get a few home cooked meals.

What’s your craziest story from a shoot?

That’s hard, but maybe when I was shooting in Rome for POP magazine. We stayed in an amazing mansion and shot around the home. I had to swim in a Valentino couture dress in a freezing cold pool. Luckily it was the last shot of the day, so the crew filled a hot bath for me to regain feeling in my body. Then we went out to celebrate at a restaurant a local recommended. Turns out the sea bass wasn’t as fresh as they said and I was up all night with food poisoning and went straight to the airport onto the plane that morning. I was lucky to have a great crew taking care of me.

Where were you discovered?

I don’t have an exciting story, basically one day I wanted to skip school so my mom and I decided to go into New York and dropped off pictures, which is when I was offered a contract. I was approached at a cafe where I had worked in my hometown before that, but I didn’t follow up. I was still young at the time.

Name the best part and the worst part about modeling.

The best part is probably the traveling and the hard part is probably the traveling as well. I had never been outside the country before I started modeling. I’ve been to so many places all over the world and met so many interesting people. If it wasn’t for this job, who knows if I would have ever been able to have these experiences. Like I said though, sometimes it can be hard. I’ve gotten calls in the past saying I need to be on a plane in a few hours. Things can be very last minute and let’s just say I’m not the best at planning things these days!

You model tons of different labels for work, but in your off-time, what designers are you wearing?

I wear a lot of Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. I love Chloe, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten. It’s hard to narrow down to just a few!

Do you find yourself mostly hanging out with other models?

I’m constantly surrounded by models especially during fashion week so yes, many of my friends are models. At the same time, I’ve met many other people both inside and outside the industry from living in New York and through mutual friends.

What city would you want to settle down in?

I had such a great childhood in New Jersey. I grew up in a small town and was able to ride my bike to a friend’s house down the road or to the beach. In the future, I would like to have a home there and an apartment in New York. I’ve also always wanted a farm. I don’t know, we will see.

At what age do you think you would get tired of modeling? Do you know what you want to do after modeling?

I don’t set a time on anything. Who knows how I will feel in a couple weeks or in a couple of years? I’m thankful for the opportunity I have now and hope to continue on at the moment. I would like to take some classes at university in the future and maybe try acting for fun.

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